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Finishing the top piece

Posted in Quilt for Grace on May 25, 2010 by sticklane

I have spent the last two evening finishing the top layer of my Daughter’s quilt. Well, when I say I have spent the last two evenings, I mean about half an hour last night and a good two hours tonight.

It needn’t have taken me quite so long but I was not entirely confident in the accuracy of my cutting and therefore the quality of the strips. So, I took the time to piece the strips together, carefully pinning each strip in place before sewing them together. Despite my feelings about assembling the blocks in this way, I am pleased with the final outcome.

The finished top layer

The next task is to trim off the edges and then cut the batting to size and complete the backing. I now need to decide on which backing fabric to go for. I am in two minds whether to choose pink or red. At the moment I am edging towards a red coloured backing fabric but I won’t finally make my mind up until I look at some in a shop. But that will have to wait until another day.


Adding the strips

Posted in Quilt for Grace on May 23, 2010 by sticklane

My next task is to sew the long strips together. This kind of goes against the normal assembly techniques/ methods that I have used and come across. The reason that you assemble the strips in this way is that the finished quilt looks like layers of bricks.

I carefully laid out my strips and placed them in an order that looks quite pleasing to me. Carefully I laid the wrong sides together of the first two strips and pinned them in place along the joins of each strip. Using the quarter inch foot on my machine I carefully sewed a seam along the long edge of the strip. I then removed the pins, pressed the stitches and had a look. I was pleased with the result.

That was last night. Tonight I continued.

The first few strips joined together.

I then joined several more together and this will be my work for the next few evenings I think.

My night's work.

The Janome

Posted in Quilt for Grace on May 20, 2010 by sticklane

Well since my last post, I placed an order for a new sewing machine. The lovely Janome machine arrived today and came with a quilting table and extra feet as well as some other extras including 5 boxes of thread, tape, bobbins, needles and a pack of scissors.

The Janome

So after doing my chores, I carefully got the machine out of the box and unpacked it. My sister also has the same machine and we thought that if I had the same one then we will both be used to using the machine and can travel to each other’s houses to do some patchwork/craft without having to bring our machines too.

I saw Amanda put thread on the bobbin and thread the needle, but I couldn’t quite remember how to do it myself. By following the instruction manual and taking my time I managed to do it without too much trouble. It is certainly a different task to do this with the new machine compared to my old Jones. Once done, I got a scrap of fabric out and tried some simple stiches and used a couple of the different feet. All went well.

My final task was to have a go at sewing some of the pairs of fabric for Grace’s quilt together into long strips. I used the 1/4″ seam foot to do this and it didn’t take too long to make a couple of them up. More will be done tomorrow.

The strips

Back to it

Posted in Quilt for Grace on May 18, 2010 by sticklane

After a week or so of inactivity, I returned to my current project.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to change the design of my daughter’s quilt. I am making a quilt from small rectangles of various fabrics, using the ones I had already cut up for my initial design. This will mean that the quilt is a larger version of the table runner that I had previously made.

Using the width and length measurements that I had already taken, it was possible to work out how many pieces of fabrics I would need, it would be well over 200! It took a long time but finally I had cut enough pieces.

The paired pieces of fabric

Now it was time to begin piecing the fabric rectangles together. I sorted the strips into colours and then began to randomly pair them up. This done, I got my sewing machine out and started to sew the pairs together. I did a few, pressing the stitches and then pressing them open, before leaving it for the night.

Tonight, I got out the machine again to finish the mammoth task of piecing the pairs together. In the end I finished sewing the pairs using the chain-piecing method. This is a technique where you sew one pair of fabric pieces together and then without stopping or cutting the threads, sew the next pair and so on until you get a long chain of pairs all joined together. (It looks a bit like bunting). The advantage is that this method saves time and less thread is wasted. The disadvantage is that you have to be accurate with your seam allowances otherwise you will have to keep stopping!

All pieces are sewn together in pairs and my next job is to press the stitches and press open the seams. As I began to pack my things away, my machine (which had worked quite hard this evening) had somehow managed to trip the circuit breaker in the kitchen again. This is a bit worrying especially as this is going to be my largest project to date. On the up side, I got a new job on Friday so I may be getting a new machine in the very near future.

Little Girl

Posted in Quilt for Grace on May 11, 2010 by sticklane

After finishing the Christening quilt my attention has now gone back to making a quilt for my daughter. My original idea was to make a quilt using 8-pointed stars in a mixture of white, pink and red fabrics.

I worked out the dimensions and came to the conclusion that 5 inch squares would do the trick. So I started and cut out my squares. I began by joining squares together and then cutting them along the diagonal to make the triangles which will form the points of the stars. However, when I went to piece the points with the square blocks I realised that the points were not big enough.

Oh dear, I made the squares bigger and this sorted out the problem. but, another issue became apparent. As I had already cut out the squares I needed to cut some larger ones for the points. This completed I set about making up the first block. After doing this I decided I didn’t like the combinations of fabrics needed to make each individual block.

Finally, I decided to use a different quilt design.