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Phone cases and dollies

Posted in Accessories on June 5, 2010 by sticklane

Since my last post, I have been a little bit carried away with myself and have neglected to take photos of the projects that I have been completing.

So, I have completed two projects; an iphone holder and a Tilda doll for my daughter.

The finished article

The pattern was one that my sister downloaded. She had tried  another pattern but it was not very good. We liked the look of this one because it wasn’t just a simple sleeve, it also had a pocket for storing credit cards in.

It was relatively easy to construct, made up of two different sides, each being lined with fusible interlining and then lined with a different fabric. It was mostly a case of measuring accurately and cutting neatly.

Preparing one of the sides.

This project took me a couple of hours to complete and I am pleased with the results, especially as I used my current favourite fabric.

My second project this week has been a Tilda doll for Grace. I wanted something else simple to do before attempting my Amy Butler top and apron. Using the pattern, I copied the outlines onto some grease-proof paper and then used these templates to cut out the fabric.

The templates pinned to the fabric.

I then cut them out as carefully as I could. I must admit, this was only the second time I had cut out fabric like this and I found it fairly tricky as i wanted to be as accurate as possible.

The pieces of fabric cut out ready for sewing.

I then had to sew the two sides of the fabric together and this was not too difficult to do, although I had to do this free hand as the seam had to follow the shape of the doll.

This done, the doll was turned inside out and stuffed. The arms were then sewn together and attached.

Following this, I then made a simple dress for the doll. To finish it off, I had to sew on some hair and I must say, I found this a pain to do, it took ages and I didn’t really like the look it ended up with.

I completed the doll with a little hairpiece and a belt. Grace was pleased with it (even if I am not so pleased with the results).

My son now wants one, so I think I shall make him one but with shorts and t-shirt, to make it look more like a boy. I may need to think carefully about how I complete the hair.

The front of the finished doll

The back of the doll.


Bags and hags

Posted in Accessories on May 31, 2010 by sticklane

After the completion of the quilt for Grace, I embarked on a non-quilted project.

Lovely fabrics, yummy.

Previously I had bought a selection of fabrics which you can see in the picture. In addition to this, I now have several Amy Butler patterns for different tops and one for a reversible handbag and tote.

I decided to start the handbag. The pattern seemed fairly straightforward but I had not made anything like this before. I had not even cut out a pattern and then used it to cut out fabric before!

I took my time and slowly over the course of a couple of nights my project took shape. The hardest part was stitching the two sides of the handbag together in order to make it reversible. However, with this done, my project was complete.

The completed handbag

The inside (reversible part) of the handbag.

With this project complete, I had a couple of  hours spare and my sister by my side to help me. I decided to have a go at making an Amy Butler stash bag, which is small enough to put a few bits of make-up in and my door keys. The fabric that I used was the same fabric as the Chelsea bag and as I had some left over so was able to put it to good use.

Again this project required me to insert a zip (using the zipper foot) and adding some pleats. After a couple of hours this project was also complete, thanks to the help of my wonderful sister. Now onto making some clothes.

Amy Butler stash bag