Space; The new frontier

For sometime, I had been thinking that I should really make something for my Son (in the interests of fairness and treating them both the same). I toyed with several theme ideas; pirates, dinosaurs and “Hungry Caterpillar”.

A trip to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace provided me with the inspiration and theme for my next work of art. One of the exhibitors had some Benartex fabrics and amongst them was a panel with several space pictures. Eureka! What a great idea, it was perfect, not too babyish and would see him through many years.

Once home, I selected several matching fabrics from the range and also bought several fat quarters of bright and colourful fabrics to contrast with the dark space ones. But, how should I set it out? The blocks/ pictures on the panel would only end up being 7″ square when sewn together and this was not big enough for the Boys’ cot-bed. So I set about searching for block ideas on the web.

After a bit of searching I settled on a design and set about making a practice block.

After spending ages cutting and pressing all the strips, I assembled the various blocks and then joined them together and then began to assemble the quilt top with sashing strips between the blocks. I must admit, I am fairly happy with the blocks and how they lined up.

Now for the backing. The quilt top measures 54″ by 70″ so one continuous piece of fabric would not cover the back. Hmmm, again I turned to the web for ideas. In the last few days I have spent a lot of time trawling the web and looking at quilting blogs, boy I am jealous of all the talent out there! I hope to be able to get to that standard some day. So, at last after doing a bit of browsing, I have decided to do a piece backing using a bordered strip of rectangles using the fabric that I had left over from the front and a large strip of co-ordinating fabric that I was able to cut lengthways in order to make up the rest.

Lets hope that it sandwiches well with the batting and the quilt top, but thats a job for tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Space; The new frontier”

  1. The backing looks really good – I love the pieced strip !

  2. LOVE IT!!

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