Well it has been a while since I last posted here and things have moved along in my sewing world. The summer weather has encouraged me to make some clothes. A few weeks ago I bought some Amy Butler patterns so I could have a go at making some tops.

My first attempt has been Amy Butler’s Sun Surf Halter, which I have made using some Sandi Henderson fabric.

The pattern pieces of the Sun surf Halter.

The pattern consists of a front, back, lining (just on the front) and a tie. Being a complete beginner to this clothes making activity, I found the detailed instructions fairly easy to follow (once I had got my head around the terminology such as right side, wrong side, top-stich etc).

Anyway, I am pleased with the finished result. The only parts that I felt I needed more experience is the cutting of the keyhole opening on the front and folding over the edges to make the casing on the front panel. I felt that the folded over edges of the casing poked out a little bit from behind the front of the panel.

The finished article.

I have enjoyed this so much I am going to make another in blue. These tops are going to be perfect for my holiday in a few weeks. We are going to Jamaica as my daughter is going to be a bridesmaid.

Before I started to cut the fabric for the the next top, I had bought a few patterns to make another top and a simple skirt for my daughter. So my task yesterday afternoon was to have a go a making the skirt.

Using scraps that I had from other projects, I managed to make a skirt from a selection of Amy Butler fabrics. The pattern design, although simple was not as detailed as the halter neck top so I did find my lack of experience at little bit hindering. I had to unpick some bits a couple of times as the seams did not quite line up properly. Still, I am happy with the final skirt and will be making some more in the future as G gets bigger.

In terms future projects, I would like to make some sun-dresses, in particular some using shirring elastic. I was recently inspired after reading another sewer’s blog.

The skirt for G


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  1. Gosh, amazing. You’re very creative, Stick!

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