Finishing the top piece

I have spent the last two evening finishing the top layer of my Daughter’s quilt. Well, when I say I have spent the last two evenings, I mean about half an hour last night and a good two hours tonight.

It needn’t have taken me quite so long but I was not entirely confident in the accuracy of my cutting and therefore the quality of the strips. So, I took the time to piece the strips together, carefully pinning each strip in place before sewing them together. Despite my feelings about assembling the blocks in this way, I am pleased with the final outcome.

The finished top layer

The next task is to trim off the edges and then cut the batting to size and complete the backing. I now need to decide on which backing fabric to go for. I am in two minds whether to choose pink or red. At the moment I am edging towards a red coloured backing fabric but I won’t finally make my mind up until I look at some in a shop. But that will have to wait until another day.


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