The Janome

Well since my last post, I placed an order for a new sewing machine. The lovely Janome machine arrived today and came with a quilting table and extra feet as well as some other extras including 5 boxes of thread, tape, bobbins, needles and a pack of scissors.

The Janome

So after doing my chores, I carefully got the machine out of the box and unpacked it. My sister also has the same machine and we thought that if I had the same one then we will both be used to using the machine and can travel to each other’s houses to do some patchwork/craft without having to bring our machines too.

I saw Amanda put thread on the bobbin and thread the needle, but I couldn’t quite remember how to do it myself. By following the instruction manual and taking my time I managed to do it without too much trouble. It is certainly a different task to do this with the new machine compared to my old Jones. Once done, I got a scrap of fabric out and tried some simple stiches and used a couple of the different feet. All went well.

My final task was to have a go at sewing some of the pairs of fabric for Grace’s quilt together into long strips. I used the 1/4″ seam foot to do this and it didn’t take too long to make a couple of them up. More will be done tomorrow.

The strips


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  1. looks fab – so pleased for you & your new machine – I hope you have many hours of fun together xxx

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