Little Girl

After finishing the Christening quilt my attention has now gone back to making a quilt for my daughter. My original idea was to make a quilt using 8-pointed stars in a mixture of white, pink and red fabrics.

I worked out the dimensions and came to the conclusion that 5 inch squares would do the trick. So I started and cut out my squares. I began by joining squares together and then cutting them along the diagonal to make the triangles which will form the points of the stars. However, when I went to piece the points with the square blocks I realised that the points were not big enough.

Oh dear, I made the squares bigger and this sorted out the problem. but, another issue became apparent. As I had already cut out the squares I needed to cut some larger ones for the points. This completed I set about making up the first block. After doing this I decided I didn’t like the combinations of fabrics needed to make each individual block.

Finally, I decided to use a different quilt design.


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