Binding the christening quilt

The finished quilt

The next stage in the christening quilt was to cut the binding strips. This was simple enough but when I looked at the fabric that  I had bought, I thought that there might not be enough. In the end there was.

I cut the sections of binding and now I had the task of joining the strips together. It all seems so simple but to get those strips joined on the bias is not an easy task. Getting the strips to line up neatly is a difficult task for me for some reason. however, in the end I managed it.

Then the strips needed attaching to the quilt. This was much easier to do. I’m not sure if it was because I used a new needle in my machine or the wadding/batting that I used. (I used an 100% cotton wadding this time, which was much denser than the wadding I had used on my previous two projects). Anyway I managed this without too many hiccups.

But, joining the two loose ends of the binding was a different matter. I struggled to do this properly in the last two projects. Any instructions that I found were just not clear enough or did not seem to give accurate or satisfactory results. So I spent over two hours trying to follow a video and then some advice from my hubby. No good, I just wasn’t happy.

As I was about to give up for the night, I decided to have one last search on the internet. Hurrah! I found some easy to follow instructions which worked a treat and only took a few moments to do. The results were very good. At last I have found an method that was simple but did the job. Brilliant.

All that needed to be done was the sewing of the binding strip on to the back of the quilt. I had taken a great deal of care to trim the extra wadding and backing so the edge was nice and neat. This made the final binding much easier to complete and so I managed to finish the quilt.

I am so pleased with the results. I can’t wait to start my next project.


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