Table Runner

My “Third” project came about quite by accident.

I had just bought a couple of books to help me with my new-found hobby. Quilting for Dummies was the first (book that I bought) and this book covers the basics reasonably well but, I also wanted a book which had some good project ideas that a complete novice would be able to achieve. I ended up with a copy of Layer cake, jelly roll and charm quilts. Having visited a few sewing shops in my locality, I had amassed a stash of fat quarters and a jelly roll. What could I make next?

The next project idea came quickly. It was my Mother-in-law’s birthday. She is especially difficult to buy presents for; each year my husband usually ends up giving her some cash towards a spa voucher. I suggested that we/I make a table runner. The thought of making her something was very appealing, she would definitely appreciate it.

The colours in the jelly roll would be a good match for their lounge. Firstly I thought of just piecing some strips together and adding a border. But once, I had laid out the strips I wanted to use, I decided that the pattern was not going to be “special” enough. By cutting the strips down and arranging them in a random pattern, it looked much more promising.

I cut the strips into 5 inch lengths but when I had sewn the pieces together to form the patchwork block, it seemed, well a little bit on the small side. Fortunately, I have enough left over to double up. Once this was finished, I added a border and went to the fabric shop to buy my binding fabric.

The colours of my table runner were fairly pale in colour so I decided to use a dark fabric for the binding. I must say I am pleased with the result, although I didn’t manage to take a photo of the finished project, I hope to add one in the future.


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